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February 1989 by Patti Jones Morgan
Local Sculptor Embraces Heritage in Award
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Art Revue; Summer 1996

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December 1993
by Keith Johnson
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February 1991, June 1991, September 1991, November 1991
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March 1990
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Famous Arab American Making a Difference
Syrian Lebanese Star
October 2006
Surgeon Creates Unique Equine Sculptures
Beverly Hill Courier; July 22, 1988 email received by Dr. Fadhli...

Dear Hussam,

I have seen the sculpture more than one time, I admit that it touched deep
in my heart, I could not help stop the tears in my eyes. "Why"...expressing
the brutality of Human or what they call human, and specially our childrem
like what happened in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Gaza. I told everyone
around here about this like Dr. Anabtawe, Dr. N Lopiz, Nurses and others.
It is a great, Admirable job, very impressive. Thanks for sharing "Why"
with me and others in my email list.

Good day,
N A Sh
Iraq-born Surgeon Has Gift for Sculpture
Reporter Herald - Loveland, CO - August 23, 2006: 

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